J.F. Laberge Ready to Make Most of Pinty’s Series Opportunity

By: Ashley McCubbin

A long time ago, J.F. Laberge got his start behind the wheel in go-karts, racing against Alex Tagliani and others. The pair will be reunited on-track together in 2021.

After spending a year away from the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, Laberge will be back behind the wheel.

“I’m excited,” he told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “It’s going to be a short calendar. I’m just doing the road circuits, so just four races, and the first one is the Trois-Rivières so I’m excited for that.”

Laberge will running for one of the newer teams in the series, Wight Motorsports. They made their debut last season with Donald Theetge behind the wheel for the six ovals events, scoring five top-10’s including a runner-up in the season finale at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

The combination of Theetge’s oval pedigree, combined with Laberge ability on the road courses has him hopeful for a good rhythm working together, and results. There’s also no timid feelings, despite just the second year for Wight.

“Donald introduced me to David (Wight) and Donald has been racing NASCAR for a long time and David has been in the NASCAR world for along time, and there’s only good things with him,” Laberge shared. “There’s a lot of input that he’s putting into it, putting a lot of money, so he’s building a really good team. So I’m really lucky to race with him this season and we expect to have really good results this year.”

While having experience doing other stuff, Laberge says the biggest surprise in doing the Pinty’s deal is the shortness of the calendar, with his four road course dates scheduled within three weeks of each other.

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