Shae Gemmell Scores Top-Five in Pinty’s Series Debut

By: Ashley McCubbin

INNISFIL, Ontario — Making his first start in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, Shae Gemmell was able to hang with the best drivers from across the country.

“The North Country Property Maintenance Ed Hakonson Racing No. 8 car was not bad for us tonight,” he told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “The car was pretty strong on the long run. The first race, I think we finished top-five which is great for our first showing in the Pinty’s Series.”

Gemmell qualified 12th, but was able to avoid the incidents in the first race, and take advantage of the long runs to move his way up to the running order. Running as high as third with 10 laps to go, the No. 8 North Country Property Maintenance Chevrolet finished fifth.

“The car came to us at the end there, as I said,” he added. “It started to get rougher there at the end. I picked up a couple positions there on the last couple restarts which was good.”

He started the General Tire 125 deep in the field once again, but worked his way forward until he got spun around on a mid-race restart. Despite going a lap down making repairs, he would get the lucky dog and rebound for 10th.

“Through the second race, it was a little more rougher,” he noted. “We got turned the one restart, and we went down a lap down, got back the lap, and just didn’t have track position with 30, 40 laps to go. We were just chasing it, but glad I was here for it and glad that I had a good showing.”

Gemmell will get another opportunity behind the wheel, set to run Flamboro Speedway and Delaware Speedway next month. Notably, he has won past Late Model races at Flamboro, including a Grisdale Triple Crown Championship.

“I feel like I just need a little more time in the car, a little more seat time always helps,” he commented. “The next race we’re going to run is Flamboro so I have a lot of seat time and laps there. I feel like that’ll be one of our stronger tracks when we go with the Pinty’s Series. I think we might go test here soon with the rest of the guys and see how it goes.”

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