Myatt Snider Focusing on Consistency Going into Summer Stretch

By: Ashley McCubbin

With the playoffs looming ahead, they are becoming a bigger part of the conversation for all drivers, including Myatt Snider.

Currently ranked 18th in the standings, he knows the opportunity of being part of the post-season is closing. That’s why he plans to focus on being as consistent as he can through the rest of the summer.

#31: Myatt Snider, Jordan Anderson Racing, Shore Lunch Chevrolet Camaro

“The biggest thing we can’t do is beat ourselves at these next couple races,” he told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “We’re at the halfway point of the season, the playoffs are only 10 or 11 races away and so if we make mistakes on our own, we won’t make these playoffs. I think we have a legitimate shot – I think it’s a long shot but we do have a shot to make the playoffs. We’ve shown flashes of performance here and there at just about every race track so it’s just a matter of not beating ourselves and consistently bringing good equipment to the track every week. I think we’re getting better at that and I feel pretty good about our chances.”

The season has so far been a bit up and down, as Snider has shown speed with four top-10’s through the 16 races, including a runner-up at Portland International Raceway. It’s why he would grade Jordan Anderson Racing currently with a B- or C+

“There’s definitely been some stuff that we can improve, and stuff that we’ve done really well,” he commented. “Like I said, road courses have been a really shining put for us. We have really gotten our intermediate stuff up this year or as the year has gone on, and I think we’re making a lot of strides in general. Definitely some stuff that we can improve, but I feel we’ve worked on a lot of stuff already.”

Snider went on to say that he feels their short track program could utilize some improvement, after failing to place inside the top-20 in those events thus far in 2022.

#31: Myatt Snider, Jordan Anderson Racing, Superior Essex Chevrolet Camaro

“We’ve had some speed at times and not a lot of good luck, and some random issues that have cropped up at Martinsville, Dover, as well as Richmond,” he explained. “But I think those are all lessons that we can learn and take back to those places. I feel pretty good about it. I think one place we’ve also shined is speedway stuff. We’ve run really well there. I think we’re definitely making some progress.”

Now heading into the summer, there are a lot of different races that he is looking forward to, including New Hampshire, Michigan, Pocono, Watkins Glen, Indy, and Atlanta, simply based on past success at those facilities. However, one place a lot of people will be watching the No. 31 is certainly the road courses with the aforementioned Portland performance.

“I feel it’s all of this is a combination of a good team culture and good racecars, and just being on the same page as everybody,” Snider said of the road course success. “Shane, my crew chief and I, have worked hard at making sure we perform well at these road courses and Jordan Anderson Racing has put together some good racecars this year. It excites me, and I feel we’ll have a really good shot.”

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