Engine Failure Takes Dalton Kellett Out of Honda Indy Toronto

By: Ashley McCubbin

TORONTO, Ontario — After hoping to put together an impressive run in front of the hometown crowd, it was not meant to be with an engine failure taking Dalton Kellett out of the Honda Indy Toronto on Sunday.

“It looked like we had an internal failure somewhere inside of the engine,” he told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “Before that, we still had some fueling issues that we had in qualifying and the warm-up, as we weren’t quite full so we had to do an extra stop. That hurt our race and the engine issue sealed the deal, and ended our day.”

Despite the weekend not going as he planned, Kellett enjoyed getting to hear the cheers and support from the fans, stating it was a cool experience.

“It’s so amazing to drive one of these cars around here; they’re so fast and the way they handle these bumps compared to the junior cars is pretty incredible,” he explained. “But the big thing is we have so many fans out here and racing in my hometown in front of those in IndyCar, I couldn’t be happier with how well the event turned out. Thankful for all the fans that showed up, and all the friends and family that have supported me throughout the weekend.”

Kellett will hope to turn things around this coming weekend at Iowa Speedway, with his eyes focused on scoring his first top-15 of 2022.

“I think we’ve showed some promise,” he commented. “We really need to focus on following that through with better race finishes everywhere we go. We’ve closed the gap and have better pace than we had last year, but we’re not finishing the races where we’re running so we need to start doing that.”

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