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ASHLEY ASKS…… Daniel Bois

By: Ashley McCubbin

After running four NASCAR Pinty’s Series races in 2022 with a best finish of seventh at the Grand Prix of Toronto, Daniel Bois has confirmed he will return to the tour in 2023, expanding his schedule to six events. The MBS Motorsports recently shared his thoughts going into the new year with NEWS FROM THE PITS.

What are your thoughts going into the upcoming NASCAR Pinty’s Series season?

The first thing that comes to mind is excitement. I’ve got good equipment, good team owners, pretty much everything a driver wants to be able to perform, right?

Absolutely. What track are you most looking forward to?

Probably most excited about Ohsweken (Speedway) because I’ve never done it before, so it will be a neat experience. Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsports Park) is my home and that’s where I’m most comfortable, but what I’d be most excited about is the whole two-day event at Ohsweken.

We saw the performance that you were able to put together last season in the limited races that you ran. What do you feel that you and MBS Motorsports need to do to keep stepping that performance up?

I think it’s just going to be more time worrying about set-up on car and testing, just upping our program when it comes to that stuff. You can have all the good equipment, all kinds of good people, but if you don’t put them together and use them the proper way, than the car is not going to handle the way you want it, right?

For sure. Now could we see you down the road run the full series schedule? Like I said, it has been nice to see you keep building this program more.

There’s potential for that, but I’ve said before in other interviews that I want to build the right way, don’t just want to go full bore and all at once and have a bunch of failures and get discouraged and not be able to perform well. So we’re going to start every year, build a little bit more, build a little more, and if the performance starts to fall off, then we’re starting to spread ourselves thin somewhere and we need to concentrate on slowing back down to speed back up.

What made you want to go Pinty’s Series racing to begin with?

It’s the premiere series in Canada. It’s the only true pro racing in Canada, and has the most eyes on it and most bang for your buck when it comes to sponsorship dollars. If you put in x amount of dollars, you get x amount in return for TV, exposure, and things like that.

How did you get started in racing initially?

Go-karts, like lots of people. My father was a racer so following him around with that. He raced in the (T.Q.) Can-Am Midgets and when he decided to slow down racing, I decided to race in the midgets as well and spent a lot of time in the Can-Am Midgets and was pretty successful in that series. Slowly progressed every year into something else.

So what’s been your most memorable racing moment to date?

I want to say probably last year at the Toronto Indy. We went in there never raced at the Toronto Indy, didn’t know the track really well, and we were up in the top-five with a few laps to go. If it wasn’t for someone behind me making a little mistake and getting into me, we probably would’ve finished easily in the top-five which would’ve been pretty amazing for a start-up team with a driver that never raced at that track before and to be running with L.P. Dumoulin, Kevin Lacroix, and Andrew Ranger with a few laps to go. That would’ve been the biggest moment of my career, but I still put it up there.

Who would you consider your racing hero?

Probably would say in Canada would be Junior Hanley, and Bill Zardo Sr. They would be my racing heroes in Canada, but as a kid, I was always a Ayrton Senna fan. That’s why my oldest boy is named Ayrton.

Last question. You’ve done quite a bit of different stuff through your career, as you talked about. What’s your advice to the next generation getting started?

That’s a tough one. I would probably say concentrate on marketing, and really do your research on how you can give your sponsors the best value for racing because if you run out of money, you won’t be racing for long. So you need to be taking care of the people that are paying for you to drive because not many people will pay for you to drive. So concentrate on marketing. If you’re a driver, the driving will come easy. The marketing is what comes hard.

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