13 New Members Inducted into Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame

By: Ashley McCubbin

As part of the Canadian International Auto Show at the Metro Conventon Center, the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame held their 2022 induction ceremonies. The event would allow 13 new members to be inducted.

“While our population doesn’t rank as high as other countries, our amount of talent is a lot and deserves to be honored,” was how Todd Lewis began the show.

The list of the inductees include AIM Autosport, Uli Bieri, Chris Bye, Gary Elliott, Terry Epp, Robert Giannou, Carl Harr, Dave Lloyd, Derek Lynch, Bob MacDonald, Dick Midgley, Scott Spencer, and Bruce Biegler. Each of these individuals has had an impact in Canadian Motorsports, ranging from drag cars and sportscar competition to stock cars. Some of their accomplishments came on Canadian soil, while others were able to gain national fame from taking their experiences to the United States and beyond.

The ceremony also seen Mac Clark honored for his accomplishments with the Rising Star Award, as everyone looks forward to seeing what he can do in USF2000 competition this year after winning the inaugural USF Junior Championship.

Additionally, each year, the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame recognizes someone for their international success in Motorsports, with the 2022 honoree being Wally Dalenbach Sr for his contributions as a race director. Hugh Scully mentioned Dallenbach Sr was one of the best race directors – from decisions to direction to calmness. It’s why he recommended him year one for the international category of the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Pfaff Motorsports was also recognized for their international success, as evident by winning the IMSA Championship. While glad to accept the honor, it was mentioned they are “not done yet as they hope to add several more years of success.” It’s worth noting the Pfaff Motorsports colors came from a shop full of people wearing plaid, and wanting to do something Canadian rather than just waving a Canadian flag in their face as the Americans won’t take well to it being waved in their face.

Those looking to nominate individuals for the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame are encouraged to utilize the new streamline nominating service on the website. Any entries filed in by July will be considered for 2024.

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