Car Takes Flight in Pro Mazda Toronto Crash

TORONTO, Ontario — “It was really rough. It was like a battlefield out there,” Rinus Veekay said afterwards.

The fans at the Honda Indy Toronto got to see something that they haven’t seen, nor probably wish to not see again – but one of the Pro Mazda Championship Presented by Cooper Tires drivers took flight during the first event of the weekend.

Going into turn three on Saturday, Harrison Scott appeared to not be on the brakes, launching over the back of Sting Ray Robb. Thankfully, Scott was uninjured in the crash, and actually started the second event of the weekend on Sunday. A mechanical failure took him out on the opening lap, though.


“Harrison Scott got in there, and flew right over me and kept going,” Robb told POPULAR OPEN WHEEL. “There was nothing I could really do. Just an unfortunate incident.”

With being the first lap and the field tightly packed together, Andres Gutierrez and Antonio Serravalle got tangled up together in the chaos, also taking them out of contention.

“It was a kind of a messy start in turn one with cars all over the place,” Gutierrez told POPULAR OPEN WHEEL. “Going into turn three, I knew I had a big gap behind me. I out-braked my teammate going for third-place and a car flew – I don’t know how as I haven’t seen a replay yet – but it flew over my teammate and he hit me and it bent my rear suspension and it’s game over. It’s pretty unlucky. I think we had a fast car so we would’ve been on the podium.”

Serravalle told POPULAR OPEN WHEEL that he had passed Scott entering the corner, and shut the door a little before braking, with Scott appearing not to use any.

“They need to learn that the first lap, tires are not good, so you need to be careful,” he added.

The incident left a lot of drivers upset, with Gutierrez hoping the incident sent a warning for drivers to be more careful moving forward. The second race on Sunday was cleaner with two small incidents.

“I think all of us drivers in the Pro Mazda should just look at what happened today and take it more calmly,” Gutierrez said. “It’s better to lose a place or two in the start and finish, than wreck everybody. I think we should be more calm at the starts as you don’t win the race at the starts. You lose it, so we should become more aware of it and be more careful.”


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