Brett Taylor Hopeful for Strong Performances with Team Change

TORONTO, Ontario — Looking to improve his performances, Brett Taylor made the move this past week to Ed Hakonson Racing as a teammate to Jason Hathaway.

“We wanted to go down a different path,” he told POPULAR SPEED. “Jason Hathaway (and Ed Hakonson Racing) are an awesome team. They have a great group of guys. Hathaway is a championship driver. With his experience, I was hoping that he would help mentor me and he’s willing to take me under his wing, I look forward to learning from him.”

The new addition to EHR brings uncharted waters for Jason Hathaway, as he has ran most of his career without a teammate.

“Don Thomson was my teammate once back in 2011; he’s the only teammate that I’ve really had,” Hathaway said. “Brett is a good guy. He’ll listen, take your advice –he even listens to the guys. A few times this weekend he even said to me, ‘I’ve never had anybody tell me that before.’ He’s eager to learn, and I think he respects our team and the way we ran for a lot of years, so it’s a good partnership.”

In just a season and a half of competition, Taylor has left his mark on the NASCAR Pinty’s Series. He won the 2018 Jostens Rookie of the Year Award following four top-10’s in the 12 races, with a best finish of eighth. Thus far this season entering Toronto, he had only scored one top-10 in the first three events.

Now joined up with EHR, the goal is simple – to step up performance moving forward.

“We are going to get on the podium this year – we have to,” Taylor stated. “That’s what my eyes are set for.”

His first race with EHR did not go as well as hoped, with brake issues in the early laps taking him out of contention. However, it hasn’t dampered any spirits in knowing the box they were painted in entering the weekend.

“We came not too prepared because the transition to this team was last minute,” Taylor admitted. “The boys had never saw the car before.”



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