CHRIS BUESCHER: ‘Wild Card’ Aspect Brings Bristol into Focus

By: Ashley McCubbin

As some people have continued to put focus on Bristol Motor Speedway over the past couple of weeks, others have wondered why the big fuss when this is just one of 36 races this season.

While admitting he was one of those thought about it initially, Chris Buescher says it’s the wild card factor.

“We say that knowing you’re gonna have your dirt racers that are gonna be competitive, but the same time anything can happen at that and I think everybody is looking at it as a fairly equal opportunity to win a race and win their way into the playoffs,” Buescher told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “I think that’s why you’re seeing so much focus on it.”

Busecher went on to say initial thoughts turned into bringing somebody into their shops to talk a little about dirt racing, with those conversations transitioning into more.

“The next thing you know we’ve got dirt aces in our shop trying to tell us what to do to these race cars, got us worrying about mud buildup in the grille, knocking oil pump belts or power-steering belts off, dust, dirt, where it goes, all of those other issues,” he continued. “I think it just became everybody trying to take in so much knowledge that it probably looks like we’re doing a little bit more than we really are, but we’re just trying to make sure that we’re prepared to survive the thing and then at the same time trying to make sure that we can be in a position to where we can take advantage if it does become one of those wild card races.

“You’re absolutely right.  It’s a one off.  It’s gonna come and go and it’ll be behind us, but everybody is working hard to make sure that it’s a good opportunity for them to go win a race.”

For Busecher, a solid run at Bristol could certainly go a long way, especially as he enters the event following a seventh-place finish at Atlanta Motor Speedway for his first top-10 of 2021.

“I think Atlanta was an awesome race for us,” he commented. “It wasn’t a winning race for us because of what we want and what we’re working hard to get back to, but we had a lot of confidence after Homestead for our mile-and-a-halves.  Vegas was pretty decent.  It wasn’t as good as Homestead was, but then we had Atlanta circles as a place that’s very similar to Homestead that we thought a lot of this stuff would tie into and carry over, and it ultimately did.  We did not have to work very hard to adjust the race car during the day.  We hit our balance very close off the truck and we had good speed short run and especially long run, so there was a lot of good that came out of it.”

Buescher also feels the good run he had at Atlanta can be attributed back to his Bristol training, feeling the dirt late model event he ran last week helped.

“When you run into the corner at 100 or something miles an hour at Bristol and just sling it sideways getting a little bit loose at Atlanta did not feel so bad anymore, and then with that we had a good run at Atlanta,” he explained. “So we’ll take that momentum and head into Bristol knowing that I’ve already been on track as well and try and enjoy it as much as we can because I do think it will be fun and we should be able to take it for what it is.

“We’ve got to go race.  Things are gonna happen that are gonna be out of our control.  It’s not gonna go perfect.  It’s not gonna be as smooth as you want it to be, but, ultimately it will be a good time, it will be new.  We’re gonna have a bunch of fans that are gonna be able to watch it live and in person and I’m sure tuning in on the radio and on TV that are really gonna want to see this for the first time, so we’re absolutely gonna take that momentum and enjoy this weekend whatever may come of it, but definitely look at it as a pretty awesome opportunity for us to go sling a little dirt.”

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