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ASHLEY ASKS……. Jack Harvey

Each season on-track, it seems Meyer Shank Racing gets stronger, which was shown through Jack Harvey’s performance. Through 14 events, he was able to pick up six top-10 finishes. Now heading into his second full-time campaign, the driver of the No. 60 Honda dished to NEWS FROM THE PITS what it will take to reach victory lane, and more.

ASHLEY MCCUBBIN: Let’s start with the most recent subject – the test at Texas Motor Speedway. How did that go the past couple days?

JACK HARVEY: It was actually really good. We were happy with the way it went, especially when you look back at last year and Texas was the only track that we really struggled at. I had never been there before and had to go into qualifying without practice to come back there and get more experience, and have good pace, and things like that it’s a good thing. It gives everybody confidence. I was really happy we got to do that. So really happy with how the test went.

ASHLEY: What are your thoughts going into the season?

Chris Owens | IndyCar

JACK: Well, I’m excited. I think the season could be really great. I just want to get going, really. I think last year all drivers had some bad luck. I don’t think we ever had some really awesome luck to really balance it out. I’m getting excited in everything being the same going into this year. I think working continuously with the same people around me – at the track and away from the track. I think we’re going to achieve some really great things.

People still have to remember Meyer Shank Racing is a new team, a newer team, but we have some experience now and when it comes to the experience, we can make the most of the opportunities that we have. I think I’m in a really great place so it should be a really good season.

ASHLEY: As you look to continue to improve the program, what do you feel is the biggest thing you guys need to work on?

JACK: There’s so many little areas that always need. I don’t think there’s one huge standout area that we need to work on. I think the IndyCar Series is the most competitive it’s been so I think all the teams are looking at needing to improve in 1% in five areas, versus 5% in one area. So I think we’re in a really good position to contend this year. Our technical alliance with Andretti Autosport is working out really great.

Once we get the season started, maybe they’ll be a few little areas that we need to improve on, but I think as far as it goes, I think it’s the most confident and relaxed it has felt in the atmosphere with all people involved with everything going on right now. We just need to go and showcase what we can do.

ASHLEY: You also have a new teammate this year in Helio Castroneves. What are your thoughts on Meyer Shank Racing bringing him on-board?

JACK: Helio is awesome. I really liked him and expect a lot of him as a driver in all he’s achieved. He has a lot of experience and I just want to try and learn as much as possible from him to try and improve myself. I think it also the caliber and talent of everybody at Meyer Shank Racing in being able to bring him as a driver. Hopefully with his experience, he can help build the team – at least that’s what we’re hoping for. He’s a great guy.

Chris Owens | IndyCar

ASHLEY: What track are you most looking forward to?

JACK: I think a race that certainly everybody looks forward to always is the Indy 500. But Nashville seems like a really good vibe this year. I think everyone is excited about going there, and I’ve never been to Nashville. So look forward to getting there and seeing the town, and hopefully having a great race.

ASHLEY: What would it mean to you if you guys could go out there and score that first win together as a team?

JACK: Well, huge. I think we’ve been close before and showing potential. We’ve had opportunities to get a win. I think it’s just getting the monkey off our back – we just want to do it, to do it and get it done. The biggest thing is it’ll build confidence for everybody in instead of just talking about doing it, but just doing it. Meyer Shank Racing keeps building each year and hopefully if we keep building this year, we can continue into 2022 and beyond.

ASHLEY: First race of the season – Barber Motorsports Park. What’s the biggest challenge of the Alabama road course?

JACK: Barber always throw a curve, very technical. It’s just a beautiful track – the elevation changes, it’s great for the fans. It’s always great to go into turn two and see everybody through the banking. It’s just a great place. I only have great things to say about it.

ASHLEY: I know right now your focus is on IndyCar, but is there anything else you’d like to get behind the wheel of?

JACK: I would love to drive Meyer Shank’s DPi Acura. Right now, our focus is on the IndyCar, but hopefully get a chance to drive it down the road.

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