ARCA Menards Series

Kyle Sieg’s Schedule Growing Alongside Confidence

By: Ashley McCubbin

While there were a lot of questions surrounding Kyle Sieg’s schedule in the ARCA Menards Series entering 2021, those are slowly being answered.

The Georgian is now planning to expand his schedule, stating he is 95 percent sure they will run Toledo Speedway and the rest of the schedule, with the only question mark surrounding the dirt events due to the RSS Racing family team only having two cars.

“Honestly, if we got another car from another team it would probably improve our program,” he told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “We only have two cars right now so it’s going to be a struggle here later in the season, but we’ll just try to make do with what we’ve got and hopefully we’ll be fine – as long as we don’t wreck too many racecars here.”

The change in heart is simply based on one thing – performance. Through three races this season, Sieg has scored no finishes worse than eighth, including a pair of top-five’s.

“It’s been a really good season, honestly,” he commented. “I’m impressed with how good it’s come off to start here in 2021. Everybody is working really well together back in the shop; we’ve got Jeff green and he’s doing really good, and I think we should have another good run here at Kansas. We had it on the pull-down getting everything right with it and I think we should be really right there in contention for a top-five, hopefully better than that.”

Looking through the events, he says the speed they showed at Phoenix en route to fourth was the biggest surprise.

“We didn’t have much practice laps there at Phoenix and we just drove straight through the field and it’s just another good racecar they’ve put under me that performed,” he commented.

Alongside the people on the team that have been putting together strong cars, Sieg has also had the benefit of leaning on his brother, Ryan Sieg, that runs in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

“Just asking them (Sieg and Green) questions and always here in the shop with the guys, and every day that they’re here,” he commented. “I think it’s just everything working really well together and they’re building obviously really good cars for me to go out and perform.”

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