ARCA Menards West

ASHLEY ASKS……. Jake Drew

By: Ashley McCubbin

With four wins and no finishes outside the top-five this season, Jake Drew holds a 52-point advantage over Tanner Ref in the ARCA Menards Series West standings with three races remaining on the schedule. The Sunrise Ford driver shared his thoughts on All-American Speedway and more recently for NEWS FORM THE PITS.

#19: Derek Kraus, NAPA AutoCare Chevrolet SS, #6: Jake Drew, Sunrise Racing Ford Fusion

ASHLEY MCCUBBIN: What are your thoughts going into All American Speedway?

JAKE DREW: Initially, of course, championship is the first priority so just make sure we run all the laps there, not get ourselves in too much trouble if we can. We have some confidence going in there. We led some laps the last time here and I really enjoy the track, so hopefully we can have a good run and not have to worry about anything.

ASHLEY: What makes All American Speedway stand out compared to other tracks on the schedule?

JAKE: It’s got a lot of character, to me. The racing is super intense and it’s fast-paced; you can’t seem to get away from anybody there. You’re always stacked up in a pack it seems like and the way they kind of have the cones set-up on the entrance to (turn) three and whatnot, it’s just too completely ends of the track. Like I said, it has a lot of character and is a lot of fun.

ASHLEY: You mentioned it – points leader with a couple races remaining. Does that change your strategy at all?

JAKE: Not really. I mean, you try to be a little smarter than normal and maybe back out of some situations. But for the most part, I haven’t done that much this year. I feel like I’ve shown up to try and win the race, and the team has done a great job to help me achieve those goals. I think when we have everything set in place, we’re usually in contention for the win and that’s the best way to get some points, right?

ASHLEY: Absolutely. What are your thoughts on your season?

#6: Jake Drew, Sunrise Racing Ford Fusion

JAKE: It’s been incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better year. We’re four out of eight for myself, and I think we’re six out of eight races as a team. It’s been an incredible year and just so thankful for all the guys that work so hard for this team.

ASHLEY: What do you feel that you could have done better this year?

JAKE: I don’t know. I mean, it’s tricky. We ran good at Phoenix (Raceway). I got my first national top-five there and I feel I’ve just been learning every time I go there. That was my third attempt there, and I think every time I’ve gone, I’ve finished better. Then my first race at Kern (County), we ended up second there. Really, I think just lack of experience takes away from us sometimes. That’s about all I could kind of change.

ASHLEY: Which of these tracks to finish the schedule are you most excited for?

JAKE: I mean, all three of them. I led Roseville (All-American Speedway) last year, (Las) Vegas (bullring) I got my first oval pole and led some laps and finished second, and like I said, at Phoenix, every time I go, I seem to do a little bit better and finally snagging that first top-five. Maybe we can pick off three more here to end the year.

ASHLEY: What do you feel is the biggest thing that you can take from your late model experience that has helped in ARCA?

#6: Jake Drew, Sunrise Racing Ford Fusion

JAKE: Well, not too much really. My first year in a stock car was 2020 and that was in a spec late model and that was just at Irwindale (Raceway). I graduated into the ARCA and the Pro Late at the same time. I was almost learning everything at the same time, so really not much that I took from a late model to transfer into an ARCA car. It’s really just more seat time that I could get and more oval experience.

ASHLEY: With the success you’ve had this year, what would it mean to move up the ranks in motorsports?

JAKE: It would be a dream come true for sure. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid. I started racing when I was six-years-old, and ever since then, I wanted to be a racecar driver. Bob Bruncati has given me an awesome opportunity to take that first step at that and I’m just super thankful for that. I’m happy that I’ve actually been able to have some success in it, as well, and hopefully that helps push me forward and down my career.

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