ASHLEY ASKS…… Rene Binder

Making his Verizon IndyCar Series debut at St. Petersburg, Rene Binder showed progress as a driver throughout the weekend, before having to retire from the event early due to a mechanical issue. 

Now set for at least three more races this year, the Juncos Racing competitor shared his thoughts with POPULAR OPEN WHEEL. 

POPULAR OPEN WHEEL: What are your thoughts in regards to the four races this year for Juncos Racing?

RENE BINDER: It was a difficult start; we’re going to try improve race by race. The team is going to try and get better and I am going to try and get more experience because we only have one test date before the first race, so we’ll try to move forward as quickly as possible.

POW: Why do you feel IndyCar right now is the right step for your career?

BINDER: It was a great opportunity. I looked into IndyCar and Formula 2, and I think the better option going ahead was definitely IndyCar doing some races. I focused on that now, and I’m really happy that this was possible because it took some years to have a possibility in IndyCar, but it came together and now I’m really happy to be here. Four races are confirmed with Juncos, and probably I will do six or seven.

POW: What was one of the biggest surprises at St. Petersburg?

BINDER: Definitely the circuit, which is really tricky. I never went there before so I didn’t know the track so I tried to get used to as quickly as possible, but IndyCar is very tough and it was a really difficult to get used to the circuit. A lot of bumps, but I think we did get better slowly.

POW: Looking at the races you’re set to run moving forward, what are you most excited for?

BINDER: I am excited for every one of them. I think I have a lot of really good races with a lot of spectators at – Mid-Ohio, Toronto and Barber. I’m looking forward to all of this. I don’t know any circuit of those, so for sure, the races will be difficult, but I will try and do my best.

POW: What are your goals going into these events?

BINDER: It’s difficult to say because I think the goal for the first race was to finish it, which we nearly achieved. All the other races will be a little bit different, and the team will be getting better in having more races and experience. We are also testing before Barber, so we’ll try and improve the car and move forward as quickly as possible.

POW: How did you initially get involved in racing?

BINDER: I have quite a history. My grandfather raced, my uncle raced in Formula 1 and my father raced also in Formula 3 so racing was always a part of my life.

POW: What’s been your most memorable career moment to date?

BINDER: I have to say last year was definitely my best for a year as a racing driver. Unfortunately, I could not win the championship because of too many technical issues, but I won four races, took two pole positions, so I think it was a good season. I also improved myself as a driver, and it was definitely a good year.


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