ASHLEY ASKS….. Cody Coughlin

In the first four NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races, Cody Coughlin has shown speed, highlighted by an eighth-place finish at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ahead of the JEGS 200 at Dover International Speedway, the GMS Racing driver shared his thoughts with POPULAR SPEED.

PS: What are your thoughts going into Dover?

CODY: Well I’m really excited. For one, I like Dover, but the other, our company JEGS is sponsoring the event so that’s pretty exciting stuff to have the JEGS truck out there for the JEGS race. Hopefully we can do well. It’d certainly be – I don’t know much more storybook it’d be to win your first event in your sponsor’s race. So I’m excited to go there.

PS: What is the biggest challenge of Dover?

CODY: Dover has a lot of characteristics of different types of race tracks all put into a single track. It has the speed of a mile and a half, and the aerodynamics of a track like that, but the shortness of a short track and brings in your agility and maneuverability. It’s also physical demanding with how much load goes into your body. There’s a lot of challenges that go into it, so that’s why it’s such a prestige race.

PS: How would you characterize your season so far?

CODY: Well, I would say our season is going pretty well. We’ve had a lot of speed. At Las Vegas, we were in the top-three trucks I would say and had a problem on pit road, and weren’t able to finish there. We have a lot of speed. We just need to keep putting full races together, and eventually if we keep doing that, we’ll be knocking on the top-five and top-threes and get a win.

PS: What’s the biggest thing you learned last year that you feel is helping you in 2018?

CODY: Well, just kind of having a whole year of experience under my belt and knowing what to expect with what the tracks are like, and what the community is like in the garage area, and stuff like that. Also, just confident knowing the vehicles more. Anytime you have more experience, that always helps.

PS: Beyond Dover this weekend, what track are you most excited for?

CODY: Well, my favorite track is Phoenix, so I’m excited to go there. But that’s not until the end of the year so I don’t want to look too forward to it because we have a lot of good things before then. But that’s one that I’m excited to go drive again.

PS: What’s it been like working with your teammates at GMS right now?

CODY: Well, it’s good. Johnny Sauter is a very veteran person, and a nice guy, too, so it’s nice to pick his brain. He’s done a lot in this sport so he has a lot of great insight for us young ones to learn from. So it’s been good, and I look forward to doing that more.

PS: Who is your racing hero?

CODY: Jeff Gordon was my racing hero, and Tony Stewart, and Jimmie Johnson. Those three were the biggest.

PS: So having fun some now with some off-track questions, what would you say is your favorite food?

CODY: I would say Chinese food. That’s my favorite.

PS: Least favorite food?

CODY: Least favorite would be like Indian food.

PS: Favorite TV show?

CODY: Miami Vice.

PS: If you were stuck on an island, what are three things you must have?

CODY: Well, I would say something fast to drive so I can get to the end of the island fast and have some fun, probably a full surface kitchen, and a big house.



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