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The NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series is only two races into the season, but so far, Timothy Peters is off to a solid start with a pair of top-10 finishes. The veteran recently shared his thoughts with POPULAR SPEED entering this weekend’s Stratosphere 200 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

POPULAR SPEED: What are your thoughts going into Las Vegas Motor Speedway?

TIMOTHY PETERS: I really like racing at Las Vegas. So you know, six years ago we were able to win that race. It always gives you confidence to go to a place that you’ve had success at in the past, and with how our season has started off with finishing seventh and 10th with a new team, a lot of momentum all around. So we just got to keep pushing and continuing and hopefully this momentum will follow and we can improve our spot within the top-10 this weekend.

PS: What is the biggest challenge of Las Vegas Motor Speedway?

TIMOTHY: It’s not really a challenge; it’s just unique. Because it’s in the desert, it’s sandy when we get there and we’re the first ones to get on the race track. So it’s not as clean, but by the time we get to qualify, it’s really clean. So it’s a high groove race track, a lot of different parts of the track are fast, and a little fast. It’s just the characteristics of the track and knowing as a driver how to come in and accept the challenge the track gives you and work on the balance of the truck.

PS: What are your thoughts on the first two races of the season to date?

TIMOTHY: It’s exciting. Everybody is working hard – the guys, Chevrolet; the alliance with GMS fabrication is really cool. As a racer, you want to improve on those starts, and you have to hand it to those guys for taking a chance in owning a team. It’s showing now what it’s capable of with Ross running well, us running well. We’re just needing to capitalize a little more and we’ll get better. We’re collecting a lot of data and when you’re doing that, that’s good as it makes you faster.

PS: Looking ahead, what are your goals and expectations for the rest of the year?

John Harrelson | NKP

TIMOTHY: Right now, I’m hoping for more races for myself as we’re coming up on the last race that we agreed upon to do. The key is to finish these races, but you want to have a respectable finish. We’ve done that, we’ve executed. We’ve collected a lot of data out of the races.

We stayed out of trouble at Daytona – even then we still got collected in a crash, but came back for a top-10 finish. Obviously luck had a lot to do with that, but it’s still a top-10. At Atlanta, we ran around the 10th position all race long and then at the end, we found ourselves in 14th. Then we had a restart and were able to gain four spots with six laps to go.

When you show up and do well at places you can control your own destiny, like Atlanta and Las Vegas, you can get the results that you know you can get.

PS: What track on your schedule for 2019 are you most looking forward to?

TIMOTHY: All of them. As a racer, that’s what you want to do. To be honest with you, you always want to win at your home track and my track is Martinsville. That’s where we hope that we get to go, but we’re thankful for the races that we have.

PS: What track do you wish was on the NASCAR schedule that currently isn’t?

TIMOTHY: I’m a short track guy so I’d like to see some more short tracks put on. So if you could somehow work on that…. It just isn’t one in particular; I like them all.

PS: What is one change that you would make to improve the sport of NASCAR?

TIMOTHY: It’s a loaded question. I’m just going to say that we’re good with what we’ve got. I’m not sure if much of my input would help. I’m just thankful to participate in it.

PS: We’ve seen drivers explore running different series and cars. Is there anything on your bucket list to do?

TIMOTHY: No, not really. For me, the racing doesn’t get much better than what we do. We get to drive race trucks. That’s a dream of mine to always compete in the top level of NASCAR.  I have a beautiful family and it doesn’t get much better than that – spending time with family and getting to race fast trucks.


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