Sting Ray Robb’s Season Off to Good “Starting Point”

By: Ashley McCubbin

With three straight podium finishes, it’s safe to assume Sting Ray Robb’s season has “gone pretty good, overall,” thus far with just four races in the books.

“I think there’s definitely some potential to win some races now, and I think we have a chance to do that,” he told NEWS FROM THE PITS prior to the Indy Lights Grand Prix of Indianapolis.

Moving forward into the weeks ahead, Robb says it will be about “being more aggressive on the opening laps of the race and trusting the car more,” as he feels he has been driving too conservatively through the opening laps.

Fortunately, as he tries to get faster moving forward, he has a lot of experience to rely on behind him in racing for Andretti Autosport.

“Andretti is where they are for a reason,” he commented. “They’ve put the effort and team around getting results and it’s nice to see benefits that come with an IndyCar team, not only on the resource side of things but knowledge. My engineer is Ron Darkhorse and he’s been in IndyCar for over a decade. So having that knowledge and experience in my corner as an engineer, it pays off.

“We can also go back and review on-board IndyCar videos and see where the line is for them and what advantage that can play with us for the Indy Lights car. Even though we’re in a lighter car with the Indy Lights car, that rubber the indyCars put down play a role in how our weekend goes.”

When it comes to the schedule, it’s easy to see where he would want to score a victory, as Portland international Raceway is his home race on the schedule.

“We’ll have a lot of people there, but Laguna Seca is one of my favourite tracks on the calendar and it sounds like they may have a repave before we get back there again,” he added.

Through everything though, his eyes are focused on what the future may hold in potentially being an NTT IndyCar Series competitor down the road.

“I think that’s the realization of the last few years and finally getting there would be a weight off my shoulders,” he said. “I do have a test coming in an IndyCar at some point in the season as a reward for the Indy Pro 2000 Championship that I won. It’ll be cool to see what that’ll be like with the aero screen, extra horsepower, and more rubber down on the track.”

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